Strong Man Costume

The World’s Strongest Man! Step right up and bring the circus to your own neighborhood this Halloween!

A Strong Man costume is ideal for fancy dress parties and are perfect all year round whether it’s New Year, Halloween or even Christmas. Stuck for an idea? You can’t do better than a pirate and nobody will be left asking, “What is he supposed to be?”

Adult Strong Man Costume

Strong Man Costume

(Available in One Size Fits Most Adults)

Come one, come all! Witness the world’s most impressive feats of ultimate human strength! This costume will blow away your party guests this year. This Strong Man Costume includes a muscle-bound shirt, red shorts, matching red tank top, weight lifting belt and handlebar mustache. A powerful look indeed! Complement this outfit with an Afro Wig and a pair of Roman Sandals.  If you’re gung-ho and want to go all out, add in the Unibrow to finish off the look.

Pair up with your favorite carnival character for the ultimate circus theme this Halloween!

Adult Muscle Man CostumeMuscle Man Costume

(Available in One Size Fits All)

In search of that manly Mr. Universe chiseled look this Halloween? Ya?!? Then Ve are going to Pomp You Awp! Slip into this hilarious Muscle Man Costume for Halloween or at theme parties and you’ll draw laughs from everyone!

This bodaciously beefy accessory features a flesh tone foam filled shirt and a pair of detachable arms so “you’ll be back” in action this Halloween! Everyone will know who the hefty, heavyweight hunk is at any party when you say “hasta la vista” in this wacky weightlifting wardrobe! With this colossally cool Costume Muscle Chest, you’ll have just what you need for that stalwart strongman ensemble this Halloween!

Teen Strong Man Costume

(Available in size: Teen (13-16))

Strong Man Teen CostumeStep right up and witness the strong man achieve the impossible!

Bring the circus to your own neighborhood this Halloween! This cool Strong Man Costume includes a flesh colored bodysuit with muscle chest and arms also features an attached red body builder suit. A black mustache is also included to complete the look. You’re guaranteed to be a hit at your next costume party!

If you really want to transform yourself into this circus freak,  try on this Latex Bald Head. Your friends will laugh themselves silly, and you’ll be the life of the party!  For a seemless fit, I recommend using Spirit Gum.

Kid Strong Man CostumeKid Strong Man Costume 16077

(Available in Child sizes 7-10)

Look at this tough guy over here! If you’re strong and you know it, why not show it off, right? Halloween is a perfect time to flex a little style muscle, and you can do it in the Kids Strong Man Halloween Costume!

Our Kids Strong Man Halloween Costume comes with a flesh-colored muscle shirt, with sewn in muscles and abdominal details! There are even toned biceps! This also comes with a red tank top, matching red shorts, and a Strong Man belt! Don’t forget the mustache because we haven’t! A curled black mustache is also included! You deserve your spotlight in the center of the three rings so grab this costume and head on in! No clown can hold a candle to you!

Child Strong Man Costume

(Available in Child sizes: 4-6x and 7-10)

Child Strong Man Costume

Come one, come all!

Step right up and see your little guy transform into the strongest man on earth this Halloween! This great Strong Man Costume includes a red and flesh colored bodysuit that features a padded muscle chest and arms. Your child is guaranteed to be a hit at Pumpkin Trick or Treat Bagyour next costume party! Use a little costume makeup and paint on a handlebar mustache.

You’re little guy will probably be wearing this Strong Man Costume to go out Trick or Treating.  So why not give him an authentic Trick or Treat bag for him to collect all of your candy, er, I mean, their candy 😉

Arnold Strongman Classic

Strong Man History

The circus strongman is one of many acts found in a modern circus. The strong man demonstrates great strength, power and agility to the audience. The strongman and strongwomen were very popular attractions in the circus in the 19th century.

Early strongmen would usually exhibit their awesome strength by lifting or moving objects which the audience would believe impossible to move. They would lift anvils, have anvils placed on their chest, bend metal bars and some were even reported to hold cannons on their shoulders while an assistant lit and fired the cannon.

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